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How To Buy Fanpages
By Mitchell Gandy Posted October17, 2015
Jesse Doubek here, and we're going to talk now about fan page acquisition, or buying fan pages, so to speak. Something we're been experimenting with is negotiating the sale, and buying Facebook fan pages. It's not an easy process, but when successful, it's well worth the investment of your time and money.
How To Buy Fanpages
Disclaimer: we're not in any way responsible for the result of the page you buy, and/or attempt to buy, including but not limited to, fake fans, or you being scammed out of any monetary value of any kind. Buying a fan page is a very risky thing, and you're at your own risk during this process. The results that we speak of in this video, are our results, and we're well aware of the risk during this type of a process, as well as during the sale of a fan page. 

With that said, we've been able to get some pretty excellent results buying fan pages. There are a ton of fan pages on the market right now, due to the algorithm updates. People just don't know what to do now. They don't know how to get their reach up like it used to be, and this goes for type 2, or level 2 fan page communities. Centered around a topic, related to something hopefully that your target audience loves, and wants to engage with. We will show you how we're searching for fan pages to buy, then we're contacting the fan page owners, and we're getting them to reply to us. We're gaining their trust in the process of completing the sale, and we're negotiating the sale like the Pawn Stars guys, or the American Pickers guys, from the History Channel, if you ever seen those shows. If not, YouTube them, or Google them. They're really great shows, and they'll teach you about negotiating skills. 

The Keys To Buying Fanpages
We're also teaching you how to analyze the analytics, which is probably the most important part. If you don't do this, then you might buy a page that's worthless, or spend a ridiculous amount of money for a page that isn't worth but $500. We're also going to show you how to process the transaction, the payment method, PayPal. The payment methods we use, and then if there's escrow services out there, et cetera. As you can see. this is a very potentially difficult transaction. especially when no one trusts each other, and trust me, when dealing out of the country that you are located in, these people will not trust you, and you won't trust them. It's kind of like dealing on Craigslist, except dealing in person really isn't an option in most cases with this strategy, like it is on Craigslist. Some of you may be scared off with that said right there, which is totally okay. 

High Risk High Reward
This is the most high risk, but high reward opportunity on Facebook right now. Some things you can do to lower your risk include, meet in person, even if you have to fly to meet them. Always have them sign a contract first, which were going to provide a general contract, actually in this video, and you're going to get a link to it, to actually download it, and again, we're not responsible if you use our contract template and something goes wrong. You need to consult your lawyer. This is just a general template for this type of a transaction. One big thing is always transfer funds via PayPal. With PayPal, you have some security, you can call them, say you got scammed, or whatever. If you can, meet in person. 

Money Transaction
Never use Western Union, or a non-secure form of payment unless they make you admin first, of the fan page you're buying, and remove themselves from admin. If they make you admin of the page, remove themselves completely from admin, you have access to the page, you can Western Union them all you want, and we've done that before. You can also hire an escrow company, and we're going to give you a referral to one that's located in Marietta, California, in the United States. The escrow service, you need to get one that both parties trust, and also one that does this type of a transaction. That's very difficult. We have one in mind that's really good. They're licensed, bonded, and insured in California. If the people you're dealing with will trust them, it's $150 a transaction. We'll give you the link to them underneath this video. If you can't do any of the stuff that we've mentioned to reduce your risk, and you tried everything working with this person, and they just don't want to do it, just go with your gut, and be okay with walking away, or risk losing your money. You could take the route, and here's another thing you can do, you give them half the money up front, make them give you full access to the page, remove them from admin, and send them the other half. That'll give your risk in half, but again, if you feel uncomfortable about that, then its not worth the risk to you, then walk away. 

Getting Super Cheap Like Cost
I hope that this is all making logical sense for you so far, of why we're doing this, and the real reason why we're doing this is because you can get the lowest cost per like just buying a page that's already been created. As long as the page has real likes on them, and real fans on them, this is probably the easiest way to get fans quick, and for a good price. If so, if this is making sense, it's time to get into how we find these pages, and make a deal. 

Putting It All Together
Let's, talk about how this all comes together(Check out the video to follow along). What we're going to do now, we're going to talk about this really exciting way to acquire fans and fan pages, which is just to straight up buy them off of people. Right now its a buyer's market in Facebook. There's a lot of people with their pages for sale, and it's because they're struggling really bad to actually monetize their page, that they're open to offers. We're going to show you how to make offers, we're going to show you the whole process here. In a nutshell, I'm going to actually go through it right now, and break it down, real simply, before we actually dive in full detail. 

Finding Your Pages
The first step, you gotta find some pages that you're interested in messaging. We use We also use the graph search up here, so I'm just going to go ahead and type in a word. Motivation. Just click here, see more results, click pages, and boom, you're searching all of the pages with motivation in them. That keyword. Then, we're going to show you exactly what we're doing to message people. The exact message. Then, once we figure that out, then we actually got to message them. 

Building Trust
How to do that, we're going to show you exactly where to go, and what to click on, and basically just go here and message them, straight up. You can also go to their website, we're going to show you how to do that. Then, once you start the process of communicating with somebody, then how to get them to trust you. We're going to talk about that, and you know how were messaging people, we're Skyping with with, we're talking to them on the phone, and then once they trust you, then you should be able to get analyst access. That means you can see the back end of the page, so you can actually see back here, and then we're going to show you what to click on, and what to look for back here in the analyst insights, analyzing the insights, and then figure out what the page is worth. While you're gaining trust, you figure out what the page is worth. 

Protecting Your Investment
Now you figure out what you want to spend to buy the page. Then, once you figure out what you want to spend, now we're going to give you a form that you fill in the details, and fill in the blanks, and you get it in writing, so it's more legitimate. You definitely want to run this by your lawyer to make sure it all makes sense, and it's good for you, and what you're doing. If you have a lawyer, if not, just Google it, or do your best. You'll get it in writing, create a paper trail, so you feel more secure with this investment. Then, we're also going to show you how to use PayPal, and maybe an escrow service. One that we recommend here. Then, how to go out and feel secure with this entire transaction. 

How To Use Likealyzer
Let's start back from the very beginning, before we get into all that., and what this does, is it's a tool that we use to search for pages. I'm going to go ahead and just click the popular tab here. You can sort it over here, as you can see, by recent analysis, like rank, the amount of likes, PTAT, which is basically engagement of the page we are talking about ... How many people are talking about it, or check-ins. You can also search by different categories. You can play around with it, and search depending on what your niche is, and then your countries, where you want your people to be located. I'm going to go ahead and click United States, and I'm going to click community. 

Once we get inside of here, I'm going to click on pet lovers, and it's going to tell you, what Likealyzer does, it tells you all about your page, and what you can do to improve. If you really work on it. you can get this 87 at the 99, or 100. I'm going to go ahead and click on visit, here, we'll go to the page, and this is the process, guys. You get to the page. You check it out. You want to see how much engagement it has here, how many likes, and comments, and shares they're getting on the posts. You see that this one's pretty good. For 300,000, it's not bad. You can click here, and there's 185,000 talking about, which is really good. Those are the first things that I notice. 

Sending The Right Message
What we're going to do now, is I'm going to show you in a second how to message these people, you can click this message tab, and message them, I kind of already explained that, but I'm going to show you another tool that we also use, and that's just straight up Facebook. You just type in any keyword that you think your target market that would buy your product would be interested in. You've got to be real creative now, and once you come up with a keyword, you can click see more results, for motivation, and then you can click pages, and then now you can start finding some pages. I'm going to go ahead and just click on this motivation life page, and again, I can message them, or I could potentially go to their website here, and if they have a Contact Us tab, they do, cool. Saw it right away, and they also got a phone number, so I can click contact, and hopefully they have a ... Yeah cool, so you put your name, and all your information, and then you could post the same message that you could post right here, you could post it on their website as well. You're probably wondering what kind of message do you give them? That's a common question that we get. This is a generic one that I use, and we'll give you some examples of different messages that you can give, but you can see this box here. 

"Hi there, how are you doing? My name is Jesse Doubek, and I'm the CEO of V Share Marketing. We are interested in making a good offer to buy your page if you are open to it. Message me if interested and we can jump on the phone or Skype and talk about it. Thanks. Sincerely Jesse Doubek." 619-995-0312, and my email. That's pretty simple. I'm basically saying I'm interested in buying your page, but we'll give you a good offer. I didn't know if you're open to it. We can get on the phone or talk about it. Sometimes, I'll lead with we can be share for share partners, or if you're open to doing share for shares, we have a number of fan pages. I understand you guys might not have a number of fan pages, so you could say, "I'm starting up my fan page and I'm interested in interviewing you about your page, because I'm interested in it. In return I will promote your page to my email list," or something like that. Just be creative. 

If you're just starting out, you don't have an email list, if you don't have any fan pages, its going to be a little tricky. You might have to use your money as value to get them interested. You might have to buy a page, or go the approach that I'm going on on this message. I would I would mix it up, try some different approaches, but just try to get people to respond. If you can if you can get these people to respond, then you can spark up a conversation. Let them know that you're in the market to build fan pages in their niche, and more times than not, people will want to help you out. 

How To Know If This Is The Right Fanpage
Once you do that, you can actually go over, and I'm going to show you some back end stuff. For this fan page here, we're in the back end. You can go to settings, and the page roles. You can see all the people that are involved in the page. When they make you analyst, or whatever, you'll be able to see the insights, but you won't necessarily be able to see here. When you want to make somebody analyst, see analyst is right here. When you're going to buy the page, make sure they make you admin. 

When you go to buy the page, you need to become admin, otherwise you'll never be the owner of the page. Admin has full control, so any one of the admins can delete any of the other admins, or any editors that can change your status from editor, to admin, or analyst. The admins control the page. Insights. I'm going to talk to you guys now about analyzing insights. The first thing you want to see is the post reach, and engagement. How well is this page doing? If it's doing poorly, and its not getting hardly any post reach or engagement... You can see this one, the post reach is up higher than the page likes. That's good. 

The engagement isn't quite up there, but at least the post reach is reaching more people than likes, so this page is okay. Then, the next thing you want to see, who's on the page. The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, are the top countries that you're probably going to want on your page. They're the most engaged countries for Facebook that there is. Then you want to go and see what cities your fans are located in. Are they located in cities that buy your product? Do they speak the language? This is all very important stuff. 

Then you want to go over, and you want to see what the ages are. This page has an older age demographic. The highest percentage of the people are 45 to 54. I've rarely seen a page that's like this, and you can see this one has women on it, because it's targeting women, and it's older women, which is pretty cool. Then, one step further. You want to go and see people reached. You want to see if this makes sense. If you have your fans, and they're all in China, or something? I don't know, is China really big on Facebook? I don't think so. Anyway, say you've got like some weird country, like India, or Pakistan, or something like that. No offense to them, but there's a lot of click farms and fake likes going on in those countries. If you have a lot of fans in one of those countries, so they got 1,000,000 fans on your page, and there's 500,000 in India. Just follow along with me. If you have to rewind it, or pause it, feel free to do so. If you have a bunch of people in India, you go to page reach, and India is not very good, say it's 1,000, but it has 300,000 fans, or if you go over to engaged, and India's got 10, and it's got 400,000 likes, then that's a bad sign. You can basically just kiss those likes goodbye. Those don't even count. Just be very careful when you go here, and what you're looking for. Does it correspond to my demographic and my product? 

Then, the next thing that I go to, is overview, people, I go to likes, and I pull this all the way back, to the very beginning. What this is going to do is let me know when this page was created. This page was created in January, 2014, and does it have a pretty even pattern of likes? The first day it was created, did it have a million likes on it? That's a key indicator that some fake like system was in place. This one has a pretty gradual pattern here. if this beginning, right here, was really high, and then it was sustained the whole way, I would be very, very concerned. You want to make sure this pattern makes sense. It was building up pretty big in the beginning, and then they probably stopped advertising, or stopped posting on the page, and then they picked it back up, and then they were gradual, and they picked it back up lately.

 It's got to make sense, and listen to the person's story, what they tell you about the page, after you take the analytics. I would take full screenshots when you get on with analyst access, and then start asking questions about it, and see if you can find any holes in their story, or anything that you can figure out, because that'll give you an insight as to what the page is worth. 

The last thing that I look at is reach. Does the reach correspond to what I see here based on likes? If there's no reach, ever, or if at a certain time there's a big reach, and then because they've been doing like weird spam stuff on the page, or just not running the page very well. Does it make sense with the reach, what's going on. The worst thing is if there's no reach, ever. This one at least has reach. Right here, 49,000. Pretty consistent reach going on. I feel comfortable that these likes are pretty legitimate. I hope that gives you guys insight. I could give you guys another one, but it's probably not going to load. Again. When they've been open for a while, they're not going to load. Here's another one. This one is a little different, obviously, but you're going to see the people. You're going to see some stuff, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, so this is a more worldly crowd. That's the first thing that sticks out at me. Mexico has got a thousand people on it. Their biggest cities are like not even in the US.

 A page like this looks a little bit different. Just keep all this stuff in mind. You can go through the likes. Pull it back to the very beginning. Looks like they were getting a lot of likes in the beginning. Then, the reach. How big was the reach on this page? At certain times here, it looks like the reach was pretty big. It looks like they're taking a break from the page, but the reach was pretty decent. 57,000. It looks like this page is dead. For 57,000, the post reach is 877. They're not even posting on this page. I can just tell by looking at the post clicks. That might give you a good opportunity. It looks like it's a dead page. They might be willing to sell it. They're not even posting on it. In the beginning, they were getting a lot of likes. The engagement, or the reach now is 0. Look at that, 0 reach. Sorry, got to pull it all the way to beginning. Yeah, 0 reach, like I said. This would probably be a page, since it did have reach, that you might want to check out buying. This might be a good page, because as long as the people make sense, and the age demographics, it might be decent. Let me go over here, and see if this page is going to load, for this one. Otherwise I might have to refresh. There we go. This one, they've got a lot of people in the US. Depending on what this page is about actually about ... 

This page, Crockpot Moms. It's a bunch of moms, these ages. There's a lot of young moms, it looks like. It looks like the top four countries that we're looking for, it has. It looks like it has great engagement for the United States, for a lot of people. Let's go to post reach. The post reach is up. 600,000 in the US. That looks like it's reaching pretty much all the fans, or has reached them, and then the people engaged is kind of low, so that's the one knock on this page. The people engaged here are pretty low, so I bet you, we go over to reach ... Well, it looks pretty good. It looks pretty consistent I would say. 

This really sticks out at me, and this makes sense, if you see this with the page, and its all organically built. Figure out if its organically built, or paid likes. I bet you this one's all organic. There's no paid likes. How do you know if there's paid likes? It'll say organic likes over here. Let me make this a little bigger, actually smaller, sorry. Let's shrink this way down to this section. It says net likes, paid ... It doesn't say if they're paid, but I'm pretty sure these are all organic. Okay, organic. No, it doesn't say. Organic likes. The paid ones are dark blue. That's why I'm pretty sure, because I knew the color codes. The organic likes are this light color. It would be a dark blue if they were paid. The fact that it's getting 53,000 likes a day, October 3rd, October 4th, it got 28,000. I would ask this person that owns this page, what was going on during this time? How are you getting so many likes? Because it's obviously ... And Facebook, they updated their algorithm, so there's a lot of pages, and that's why they're so many pages on the market that blew up, with their engagement. This page, it's getting a lot of likes here, and then the post reach. Look at the reach, it's 1,000,000, and now its a lot smaller. Now ... Let's look at it, now. It's shrunk quite a bit. It's still all right. It's still good, just inconsistent. It wasn't as big as it used to be. I hope you guys understand that. All that stuff is very important. I think I gave you more than enough to be educated, an figure out how to buy these pages. 

Are They A Realistic Person
During this whole process, you should be trying to Skype with these people, or get on Google Hangouts, or talk to them on the phone, or just message them in the Facebook Messenger. What you want to do, is you want to add them as a friend on Facebook. You want them to check out your profile, and you want to check out their profile, to make sure that they're a legitimate person. The way they talk, and the way stuff's written on their page. Their pictures, do they look professional? Do they look legitimate? You're going to be dealing with a lot of page owners that are in India, Pakistan, and all the stuff. You want to try to find US people that have fan pages, and be able to talk to them, and trust them, and use PayPal. We're going to show you that in a second. If you can't do that, you're taking a huge risk, and I would be very, very careful if you're dealing outside of the US. Gain their trust. They should be able to gain your trust. Act professional. If you say you're going to do something, do it. That kind of stuff.

Covering Your Butt
The next step, after you find a page is to develop a contract. We're actually going to give you this. Below this video, you can download this form, and this is our agreement. These fill in the blanks, you just got to fill them in. For your business, the person you're working with's information, the dollar amounts that you're working with here, the selling price, one time payment, or 2 payments, or however you're going to do it. You've gotta feel in all the details. This is just a template. I want you to go in, make sure you're reading it, and you know what you're changing, if you're changing anything. I highly recommend, if you have an attorney, or somebody that practices law, can look at this, and make sure that you're legit. Then, once you get this done, you should sign it. You should send it to them, so they can sign it, and now you have a paper trail. Now you have a legitimate argument if they try to do something weird. I'm not trying to get you scared, I'm just trying to cover your bases, because when you're dealing with high dollar transactions, you never know. Fishy stuff could happen. 

Paypal Is The Safest
Moving on to the next thing. I highly, highly recommend you deal in PayPal. If not in person, checks or cash, whatever might be the best way, but deal on PayPal. That way, both sides are secure. You've got your paper trail year, here with this, and then you're dealing in PayPal. If they are open to going in, and making you admin before you pay them. If you gotta pay them, and they're not going to make you admin, and they're in a different country, be careful, and definitely don't do anything besides PayPal, if they're going to do that. If they're going to go in here, and make you admin ... So they make me admin, and then I delete them, because I'm admin, I can delete anybody who's admin. If I delete them, and I'm admin, and they're cool with that, then now you can Western Union them the money, if you need to. You can go to Western Union. You already have access to the page. Just pay them, and they're good. They're going to be nervous until you pay them, but you have nothing to worry about if you have access to the page. If you're going to Western Union somebody, and they're saying, "That's all I'll take, I won't do PayPal," be very, very careful there. Know what you're doing. Meet them in person. Do what you're comfortable with. I understand this is is a high risk thing, but I'm not telling you to do anything but PayPal, unless they make you admin. 

Escrow For Extra Security
Another thing that you can do, is hire an escrow service that does this type of transaction. This company, sunset One Escrow, they do this type of transaction. That's why I'm on this website. They're located in Marietta, California. For $150, they will collect your money, and they're licensed, bonded, and insured, in California. The person that's selling you the page can verify with them that the funds are there, and they have them, and they can actually call, and talk to everybody in the company, and make sure it's there. Then, they could make you admin, and then collect the money, because you already paid it to the company, plus $150. If they're open that, and both sides have to agree, then there is escrow services out there, just like buying a house, that will gladly assist you in the transaction. That's what they do. Make sure both sides are secure, and make it happen. 

Anyway guys, I think that pretty much breaks it down. If there's any questions, which there probably will be, with something this high risk, high reward, I would assume is going to be questions, and maybe one thing that I didn't explain in a way that they understood it. Something that I left out, or whatever. I hope you guys understand that process. You're finding the page, you are starting to start the process of communicating with these people. Once you start communicating, then you start building trust, and hopefully can get analyst access, and can view the back end. You understand how to do that now, hopefully. Then, you can figure out how much you willing to spend, and send in the agreement. Now they've got that, and now, once the agreement is signed, now you've just gotta do whatever the agreement was. If its okay, send me the money, I'll make you admin, or make me admin, send the money. Just make sure you're dealing with PayPal, if you're going to send the money before you get admin, for sure do that, and just be careful. Be careful out there, because this is a high risk deal, and this isn't an easy sale guys. But, if you're smart about it, and you find a good page, and it's of value to you, and you can spend a dollar amount that's a good cost per like, in your target customers, less than a penny a like, you're paying for your exact targeted people, then there's nothing better than buying a page. Oh, one big thing. I forgot to talk about this. When you do by page, and it's really bad, the engagement, and you need to revamp it. Use this boost post button to start building the page back up. Go to module 2 in our training and watch that, is awesome. Figure out how to engage your people back up. Boost your posts, and get get some good posts out there. Don't do any spam. Do it professionally, how we teach you in module 2.  Any questions, any feedback, we'll definitely add to this module as we go, and we wish you guys the best of luck in buying virtual real estate on Facebook. All right guys, take care. Bye.
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