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How To Avoid Getting your Facebook Account Hacked
By Mitchell Gandy Posted October17, 2015
We really wanted to make a point to do this video. We've had a couple of members who have had problems with losing access to their accounts. Basically, their account was hacked. The access was given to somebody they didn't know. That person was able to log into their account and change the access that they had to different pages. They lost access to their pages. In the long run, we were able to work those things out with Facebook. Facebook was able to make things right. We were nervous all throughout the entire process. To avoid that, to help you avoid that wherever possible, we wanted to make sure to do this video so we could help you with that.
How To Avoid Getting your Facebook Account Hacked
The first thing to understand is that when you're using Facebook, there is no login for a page just like there is no login for an ADS manager or an ADS account. There is only individual logins for people. As a personal profile, you can log into Facebook. When you log in through your personal profile, you will have access, different levels of access, to pages and ADS managers depending on how those ADS managers and ad accounts and pages are set up. If you're the owner, then you will most likely be the admin of those pages and accounts. 

Warning...Make Sure You Understand Admin
Anybody who is an admin has the ability to completely remove anybody's access from that page or that account. Keep that in mind. Anybody who has admin access has full control over that page or ad account. When you're using Facebook, you can use Facebook as either your personal profile or you can use it as a page. Keep that in mind. If you're using Facebook as a page, you may inadvertently be liking, commenting, and sharing things as a page. It may cause problems for you if you don't pay attention to that. Keep that in mind. 

Whenever you're using Facebook, make sure that you're either using it as your personal profile or as a page, whatever you would be using Facebook for at that time. The most important thing that I wanted to get into after explaining the difference between a profile, a page, and an ADS account was the idea that without giving anybody admin access to a page or to an ADS account, they cannot do anything to remove you from access on those things. If they get access to your profile, then they can give themselves admin access and then there in that process remove you and take your access. As long as you don't give anybody else admin access and as long as you don't give anybody else access to your account, then you can avoid situations where you may lose access to an ad account or a page. 

How To Secure Your Profile
To set up your profile so that you don't allow anybody else to get access to your profile, what we always suggest doing is going and clicking this arrow, clicking Settings. Then you'll come to this page where you want to click Security. In your Security, you can adjust the settings, I would suggest doing that. It may seem a little excessive at first, but it absolutely will help you avoid any situation where you could lose access to your account. 

You want to enable this code generator so that if there's ever a login from any particular account where there as never been access before, Facebook will send you a code through your phone. They'll send you a text message and basically notifying you that somebody has logged in from a particular browser that they may have not logged in from before. Then through your Facebook app they will send you a code. That is where you will get access and allow that access from that browser to happen. 

For instance, if for some reason somebody got login access to your profile, but they were trying to log in from a different browser, they wouldn't get access unless this code was generated and they got that code. I would go in here, set up Notifications so that you're notified by text and/or email if somebody logs in from an unrecognized device.

Set Up Login Approvals
I would then set up Login Approvals so you can require this security code, like I just talked about, from unknown browsers. Then set up this Code Generator so that in your Facebook app on your phone a code will be generated in the Settings. It's really quick and easy to get to through your Facebook app on your phone. This code will be generated. That will allow you to gain access from an unknown browser. This is an extremely important piece. No matter how hard we hit this over the head, there are still going to be people who miss it. 

Hopefully, this video will give more people than before the knowledge and the insight into how these things work and how to avoid these unfortunate situations. Protect your profile. Set up all your pages and your ad accounts with admin access only to fully trusted individuals. More importantly, only and definitely setup your personal profile so that you have these login criteria so that you can avoid any unknown browsers logging into your account without you knowing about it. Hopefully, this will protect you and your account, your pages, and your marketing efforts in the future. Love to get your feedback about this video. Can't wait to see you guys in the next video. Hope you're getting tons of value. Thanks so much for sticking around. See you in the next video.
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