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How To Avoid Getting Your Facebook Ad Account Shutdown
By Mitchell Gandy Posted October17, 2015
Nobody wants to get shutdown. There are a couple of things that we typically hear that people have problems with. The first thing is, "Hey, my ad didn't get approved and I'm not sure why." In some cases, it's, "My account got shutdown and I don't have any idea why."
How To Avoid Getting Your FB Ad Account Shutdown
Facebook has some extremely strict policies. If you're newer to Facebook marketing, they typically will have a very short leash. If your account is new, they will have a very short leash and will not think twice about shutting your account down, if you don't play by their rules. Understanding Facebook's rules is extremely important. 

The Big Three
There are three big areas that we need to keep in mind, when we're doing marketing on Facebook. That's our offer, our landing page, and our creative. Another thing to keep in mind is Facebook's community. The way that they run the business of Facebook, is it's a community. The feedback from the users on Facebook, is the number one thing that drives where Facebook is headed. When you're running any particular ad or campaign, if you're getting negative feedback from the users, that's an immediate sign. Facebook's going to keep a close eye on what it is you're doing. A lot of times, you will get shut down because of the feedback you're getting from the users. 

Watch your campaigns and your ads closely, to see how people are engaging and reacting to your creatives and your ads. That will be a tell-tale sign of which way things are headed. Offer, landing page, and creative. Where we always start, before we start with any new project, is we start with the Facebook's Ad Policies. All these links, we'll provide them in the resources. These are just the links that we use, that'll take us directly to the information that we need. 

Facebook Gives You The Answers
This Advertising Policies page right here, gives us a ton of information that we want to look at, when we're evaluating our offers, landing page, and creative. If your offer is anywhere in any of these niches here: pharmaceuticals, subscriptions, gambling. Any of these down to here, you need to be extremely careful about what it is that you're marketing. Facebook has a magnifying glass on your campaign. They're going to keep a close eye on what you're doing. They've found consistently that people from the niches, get the most negative feedback from their users. If you're in any of these niches, that is going to be a red flag for Facebook. What we find sometimes, people are struggling with marketing on Facebook. 

How To Run Your Traffic
What I would try, if you're struggling with running people directly to an offer, is I would try running people to content. Run people to content to subscribe to your content, and then give an offer to them in an email or followup. That is the best approach, when you're struggling with your ads. Again, looking at this from the perspective of, "From the very beginning, we're going to put a focus on making sure we're following Facebook's rules." This place is the first place to start. Check out which exact market you're in. Read up on your market in exactly the Facebook's policies, and what they're going to want. 

The Landing Page
Once you're sure that your offer is fitting within all the guidelines, the next big thing is, "Exactly which landing page am I sending people to?" Facebook is going to be critical about your landing page. They're going to want to make sure that your landing page fits within all their rules. They want to make sure that your landing page has a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, a Contact Us, and navigation. Those are critical for what Facebook is going to be looking at, when they're making decisions on whether your landing page is going to be good. The additional thing that's very important, in addition to landing page, Terms of Service, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and navigation.

In addition to that, what they use is what's called, "Web of Trust". This is a very interesting thing that I've found. What you want to do before you start running any traffic to a particular website, you want to download this app. It's a Chrome extension. Get this Chrome extension and visit your website. It will tell you whether you're within the Web of Trust Approved Sites. That's the first thing Facebook's going to look at. If you're not, this will save you a lot of headaches. You'll know that immediately, that you need to change the URL. Whatever website and URL that you are using, has been disapproved by the Web of Trust Community, and Facebook will immediately deny and potentially shutdown your account. 

Test Before Use
The additional things, when you're looking at your landing page, you want to make sure everything's functioning properly. You want to make sure that there isn't any location that's restricted, no error pages, pop-ups. What we do teach, Jessie and Ryan will teach that later in our funnel training. What we teach, is there's an in-screen, where it's almost like an in-screen asking for an opt-in. That's different than a new browser opening, which is like the official pop-up. When there's a new browser that opens whether when you land on the page, or you leave the page. Any type of actual pop-up is going to be something that Facebook's going to look down on. You don't want to have any automatic downloads. Those are the basic ideas. Those are the first things you want to look at. 

Key Tips For Creatives
Make sure to evaluate that landing page, that you're fitting within all those rules. The next thing is the creative. There's a couple of things that Facebook's going to look at. You want to make sure you're fitting within the 20% rule. This ad grid, we're going to provide that in the resources. There's a grid tool, where you can link. You can go to a page that you can upload your image, and it'll tell you whether your meeting the guidelines. There's also a PNG, that you can put in your image editor program. You can put that up in a layer above your image, over the top. As long as it fits within four of those boxes, then that would be 20% text or less. This is something that stands out. Facebook clearly says that they allow you to have 20% text on a book or product in the background. This text right here, that red bull, that will not count against you, as far as text. It's more this flat text over the top, that will count toward your 20%. If you can fit within these four boxes, then you will fit within their guidelines. The text is the biggest one, why your ad will get disapproved.

I would look through all of this stuff and evaluate your creative based on your image and your language. There are some certain terms they're going to want you to use. They're going to want you to be very clear and specific. They don't want you to be misleading. There are a lot of other rules, as far with the language you're using. What's acceptable and what's not acceptable. It really just comes back to, "What are the things that people are going to give negative feedback towards?" If you're making people upset, then you're probably going to get shut down. Back to the images. This is the note, "The 20% does not apply to pictures, products that include text on the actual product." It's a huge work around. 

Facebook Will Talk To You
These are just the things that you want to look for. It's a great resources right there. Just go to that Ads Policy, and you'll be great. A lot times what happens, is your ad will get disapproved and you won't know why. You'll feel like you're fitting all the way, within all of their terms of service, everything they're asking for. We've provided this resource right here, for Disapproved Questions. You can just link over to here, click through, and just send a quick message to Facebook's department that deals with disapproved ads. They'll reply to you quickly, and we found that we get a lot of good feedback. 

They'll tell us what we're doing wrong. Often times what will happen, is if we're having trouble with our campaign, our ads, or our account getting shutdown, we will just have no idea what's going on or why. We've provided a link that will take you to the Advertisers Support where you can get phone, live chat, and email. Facebook isn't really responsive, when it comes to anybody who is flirting with that line of being within the guidelines and outside the guidelines. You may not get all of your questions answered. This is still a good resource to look to, if your account gets shut down, or if you have trouble with your ads. This is a good resource to ask additional questions. 

Back to the beginning. If you're looking at your offer, landing page, and creative, you're going to these advertising policies, you're looking through, you're playing within their rules, that's going to give you the best change for success. Hope you got some value from this video. Love to hear your feedback. Please go below this video, tell us what you think. Tell us anything that we could add to help you out a little bit further. Get involved with the group, if you aren't already, ask your questions there. The community that we have, that inner circle, is going to give tons of feedback. Hope you got tons of value. We will see you guys in the next video.
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