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Fanpage Viralocity
By Mitchell Gandy Posted October17, 2015
We struggled getting traffic to our business until we discovered this one simple strategy! Fanpage Viralocity consists of building huge viral fan pages for pennies, creating multiple fan pages, sharing your content from one page to the next organically to build your reach and your fan growth.
Fanpage Viralocity
One of the big things is when you can create the best content in your niche, Facebook will reward you. They'll share your stuff, they'll promote it to more people, you'll get a bigger reach on your fan page. That's awesome. With this strategy that we're going to show you, we're going to show you step by step how to build some huge community fan pages with fans that will buy your stuff. Pages like Mommy Chat. It had 81,000 likes on it. Positivity for Smart People, 109,000 likes. The Love community with 156,000 fans.

These pages have huge reach and huge engagement and we've gotten a lot of likes, some of them for pennies or even less than pennies, like the Love community. We built that page with penny likes. We didn't really spend that much money to get that many fans.

3 Types of Pages

The 3 types of pages that we're building are brand pages, that represents you, your company, your brand. We're also creating brand topic pages. Those are communities that are centered around the topic that represents the interests of the people that will buy your stuff. Then we're creating brand topic chat pages. These are like chat style, form style pages, that are a community centered around a topic also, but they're chat pages.

Brand Pages

Brand pages could be like these: Subway or Tony Robbins. I recommend the public figure pages, because people like to share and comment on public figure. Not so much just on company name pages or restaurant and cafes, stuff like that, like the Subway one. I recommend if you're a person and you can be a public figure, create one of those pages. Then you definitely want to get 4 to 5 posts per day on that page that you can share on pages like these. 

Brand Topic Pages

Brand topic pages like these, like the Love community or I Love Reading Books. You could pretty much say I Love anything, or a create a community around any topic, and then you're going to share the posts that I just told you from your brand page or your public figure page over to your community page. Because it's so much cheaper to build fans on the community pages, you're stuff is going to go viral.

Brand Topic Chat Pages

Here's a really exciting ... probably the most powerful kind of page we've been able to build, and those are brand topic chat pages. We have 14 admins that actually run this page. Not the people in that picture there. That's a family of people. Not those people. There's moms from all over the world that actually run this page and then answer all of the questions that people are submitting.

So we're encouraging fan questions. We're getting a lot of messages to the page. We're promoting and we're posting the fan questions so the community can answer those questions. All the people that are liking the page. This page is super viral and it is awesome. It's probably the most powerful kind of page that you can start. You can drive these people to your website where you can get them to opt in to your email list, enter them into your sales funnel, put them into the buying process on your website. This is huge.

Survey Funnels

You can do a survey. You can send them to a blog. You can send them to an opt in page to opt in to get some free value from you. That's really it. You're doing posts on your main page that are links to your blog, your website, and then you're creating community pages like these ones that you're able to spend a lot less, get a lot more fans, a lot more reach, and now you can share your traffic from these pages right over to your Donald Trump page or whatever community you're going to create. You've just got to be really creative. That's the key. You've got to be really, really creative and get the fans on the page of people that are going to buy your stuff.

The Number 1 Question We Get

The number 1 question we get from clients and people who are inquiring about getting started with Fan Page Viralocity, is why not just run ads? Why not send people straight from an ad on Facebook to my offer? We do a thorough, in-depth training in fan page traffic academy on how to run ghost ads, how to run re-targeting, how to set up your conversion tracking, how to run mirror campaigns. We do a lot of work with direct traffic from Facebook.

3 Reasons Fanpage Viralocity is so Powerful

There are 3 reasons why Fan Page Viralocity is so powerful when you add it as an additional way to scale your traffic. 

1. The first one is cost per like. We're able to build communities around a topic that your ideal customer is die hard ... loves, die hard fans of ... we can leverage that die hard fascination that these fans have with a given topic, and we can get a much lower cost per like, because that topic is something that they already love. We can get a much lower cost per like on a topic that they already love than we can on a brand page.

2. The second reason that Fan Page Viralocity is so powerful is because we can decrease our cost per click. Now, the general idea is that when you share a link post on your brand page, you're going to get a very small reach and the only way to get that post in front of more of your ideal customers is to boost it. When you boost a post, the cost per click on that post can be anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar. If we can leverage Fan Page Viralocity, get your link post in front of more people, and organically get those clicks, we can save on that cost per click. 

3. The third reason Fan Page Viralocity is so powerful is because social validation. I'll talk a little bit about that here in a little bit. Back to number 1, cost per like, and why it's so powerful. 

Cost Per Like

Let me show you a couple examples of some campaigns that we're running and leveraging this cost per like to build these community pages and get success. You can see we've got penny likes here. We've built a couple pages to 100,000. Here we've got 2 cents and 3 cents a like, and built another page to 100,000 and another page to 70,000. Leveraging this low cost per like, we can build these community pages of fans who are engaged, who when we share this brand page and present that brand page as the expert on whatever that may be to that audience, we're able to build that brand up and introduce that brand in a way that may not have otherwise been possible.

Cost Per Click

The second reason for Fan Page Viralocity is this back to cost per click. For example, a lot of clients ... this was one client in particular. When we first started working with him, this was the general reach that any given link post that they would put up would get, about 800 people would see it and they'd get a couple of link clicks. What they would do is they would boost the post. It would be shown to about 10,000 people and they would get about 100 clicks for about 80 bucks. When you break that down it comes out to about 80 cents a click. What we would do is, they would do a brand post. They would get a very small reach. Once we started working with them, we coached them and trained them on improving the reach of those posts by using our strategy for content, but this was when we first started working with them. 

We took it away from boosting posts to then building these community pages, and when we were able to share that post that had an 800 reach onto our community pages, we were immediately able to get a much larger reach. You can see down here, 156 link clicks. This is after a couple of days. We were able to, instead of boosting the post for 80 dollars and getting 100 clicks, we were able to share it on these community pages, get 156 organic link clicks. You can see the direct value there in getting those clicks. 

Social Validation

The third reason Fan Page Viralocity is so powerful is because social validation. If we go back to the buyer psychology, there's some people who just, they take longer to warm up to any given brand and they want to get to know you. They're very conservative. They're skeptical about your brand. They're very unsure. They want to know a large number of people who have gotten success working with your brand or buying your products and services before they make a decision to buy, before they make a decision to take advantage of one of your offers. These late adopters, these late majority and the laggers, these people on the back end of the spectrum.

These are the people who were can start to reach out to by leveraging this Fan Page Viralocity strategy. We can take a much longer time to introduce them to the brand, to let them get to know us, and then present our offers. Going to an example of when we shared an image post from the brand page, it got about 2,800 out the gate 9 hours after it was posted on the brand page. Then you can see, once we shared it on the community page, the next day we were able to increase that reach from 2,800 up to 27,000. You can see that social validation, meaning it's getting in front of a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't have been reached.
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