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By Mitchell Gandy Posted June 17, 2015
Facebook is looking to turn their focus to videos, and wants to be a major team player as a video platform, Mark Zuckerberg stated. An article issued by the Facebook news room further stated that they are committed to making Facebook the best place to share, discover and watch videos, and will continue to improve video on Facebook based on the feedback they receive. Facebook wants users to upload and share videos, and want marketers to spend money advertising their videos.
There are many variables to consider when you are creating a video ad on Facebook, anything from your campaign objective, targeting, and budget, all the way to the market you want to focus on. Doing your research and knowing these pieces of information will not only help you budget properly, but also aide in the overall success of your video ad. Knowing how to talk directly to your audience, and guide them through not only watching your video, absorbing the information you have supplied them with, but also what you want their next step to be once they are finished with your video, is key. You want to keep them engaged in the experience, and want to leave them wanting more, so having a call to action in place to lead them in the right direction will help you create and build your audience. Keeping things easy and simple to follow will get the results you are looking for.
Facebook has stated there are four tips to focus on to improve your success rate.
Your video needs to be able to capture your audience, and bring them in. We’ve all experienced how easy it is to just scroll right on by something if it doesn’t seem interesting, so making sure you are able to attract your audience and keep them involved and engaged right off the bat.
Your first opportunity to grab the attention of your audience: your thumbnail. No one likes boring and plain, your eye will be attracted to something interesting and unique. Aim to create something that not only explains, but shows your audience what your video is about, while having a catchy look to it.
Making sure your audience can not only enjoy, but keep up with your video, in any circumstance, is important to remember. There are times when we can’t have the volume blasting, and there are times when it is easier to listen to something. If your audience can get value from your video at all times, you have a winner.
Your video is over, now what. Is there more? How do I find it? Where do I go? What can I do? The answer should always be yes, and here is what to do. Once you’ve gotten someone interested in your video, you want to keep them engaged and give them the opportunity to check out more. Show them exactly what to do.
I’m Mitch Gandy, co-founder of, thanks so much for checking this out. Let me do a quick video about video ads on Facebook, and why you should be using them if you aren’t already!
Last year Mark Zuckerberg did a conference call for their investors talking about how Facebook is focusing on video, and wants to be major player as a video platform taking on YouTube. There is an article from the news room on Facebook that says:
“The goal of News Feed is to deliver the right stories to the right people at the right time, from the people and things you care about. And more people than ever before are seeing, sharing and expressing themselves with videos on Facebook. We’re committed to making Facebook the best place to share, discover and watch videos, and we’ll keep listening to feedback to improve video on Facebook.”
Very clearly, they’re coming out saying we want to dominate video, we want you guys to upload videos, we want you to share videos, and for marketers, with their ad platform, they want you to spend money advertising your video on Facebook to get video views.
     - You go straight to the ads manager, create an ad, then you choose your campaign objective: Get Video Views.
There are all different kinds of objectives for campaigns, and “Get Video Views” is what you want to pick if you want to run a video ad.
     - You want to set up your targeting, audience, and focus specifically on a given market depending on the content of your video.
Ideally, you’re thinking about your audience when you’re creating your videos so that you can target a particular audience when you set up your ad budget and your spend, so that:
     - Based on the size of your audience, you’re spending around: $3-$5 per million people per day.
That way you can get the most efficient spend, and the most Video Views possible for your ad spend, which is important.
Once you upload your video, there are some important things that I would like to talk about quickly:
     - You want the text that shows above your video to talk directly to your target audience.
     - You also want to put a call to action in your text with a short URL.
Since you only get 90 characters for both the text and URL, you may need to shorten your URL. You can go to to create a shortened version of your URL.
One suggestion I have is:
     - Only put one link, don’t try to put 10 links, it can be confusing to your audience.
This is important because what’s going to happen is, if they don’t finish watching the video, but they want to take an action, they are able to with the link you provide.
Also, even before they make the decision to actually watch the video and turn on the sound, they’re going to read this text with the link you provide. So for both of these reasons, I would put in text that talks specifically to your audience, and then one call to action immediately following.
Next, you’re going to be able to pick a:
     - Call To Action
Which will show in the middle of your video screen under the “Replay Video” option when the video stops playing.
There are a number of different calls to action: watch more, download, sign up, learn more, shop now etc. Pick the one you feel fits best for what you want your audience to do next. You can even put your URL in if you want to send them to your page. Think about that when you’re creating your video, because that is what is going to pop-up once the video stops. It’s basically your call to action, you want them to either watch it again or send them to a particular place.
For the:
     - Display Link
You can put down whatever you want, simplify your URL. It will basically make your URL look pretty on the video screen. We are getting fabulous results with this, about a penny per view. So you can imagine that if you’ve got a solid call to action, good targeting, then you can get a lot of high quality traffic by creating a video to run on Facebook.
2. "Four Major Tips"
Facebook has come out and said the “Four Major Tips” that they want you to focus on when you’re creating your videos to improve your success rate. You want to:
     - Capture Attention In The First Few Seconds Of Your Video
So come out, speak directly to your audience, and let them know what the video is about; capture their attention.
     - Choose A Descriptive Thumbnail
Avoid using title cards. We’ll go into detail about this over at Fanpage Traffic Academy in our full detailed training about video ads. But the idea is, you want to create a thumbnail for your video that, before it starts playing, people can get an idea of what’s going on in your video. They’re very clearly telling you, don’t just put in a title card with text that says what the video is about. They want you to get creative when you’re creating the thumbnail, they want something that is going to be descriptive, but also catch someone’s eye.
     - Use Video That Works Well With and Without Sound
Depending on what the video content is about, you may have the ability to create a really engaging video that you don’t necessarily have to be listening to to get value from. Other times, again depending on what the content is, you may not be able to do that quite as well. But think about that when you’re creating your video. You can add some cool things to the video, like text overlay, to help that part of it. This will improve your success rate.
     - Add A Call To Action To Your Video Ads
The final thing that Facebook wants you to focus on when you’re creating these videos, is to consider adding a call to action to your video ads. You want to tell people what to do next if they’ve gotten the value that you’d hoped they would from the video. So your call to action will tell them exactly what it is that you would like them to do next.
And what I would specifically like you to do next, if you’ve gotten any value from this video, and if you haven’t done so already, is to:
It is totally FREE, simply enter your information and get access to value packed Facebook Marketing strategies. We want you to join our community so we can share everything we are doing to get tons of success. But I hope you got some value from this, and we’ll be putting out a lot more content, so check out some of the other stuff on our blog, and thanks so much for tuning in!
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