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Establishing Your Dream 100
By Mitchell Gandy Posted October17, 2015
Getting Started With Your Dream 100 Avatars and Insights. Marketing is all about knowing exactly who your ideal customer is, grabbing their attention, and speaking directly to them. Now, when you're doing Facebook marketing, the more you know about this ideal customer, the more success you're going to have. There's nothing I love more than seeing a company that knows exactly who their ideal customer is.
Establishing Your Dream 100
Nothing is worse than stinking up the shared toilet at work or the toilet at a party or your lover's apartment. Of course, flushing removes the graphic evidence. But what can be done of that subtle scent of a 300 cow dairy farm? Aerosol air fresheners aren't the most effective option, or the healthiest. Trying to mask the stench giving you a blend of carnations, just a touch of feces. How do you make the world believe your poop doesn't stink, or in fact that you never poop at all? Poo-pourri.

The Big Leagues Are Doing It...So Should You
Here's another company who knows exactly who their ideal customer is. What's more American than a cheeseburger? This cheeseburger. Loaded with a hot dog and potato chips in the hands of all-American model Samantha Hoopes in a hot tub in a pickup truck driven by an American bull rider on an aircraft carrier under the gaze of Lady Liberty as she admires the most American thick burger with a split hot dog and kettle cooked potato chips on a fresh baked bun. New at Carl's Jr. and Hardees.

These 2 companies know exactly who their ideal customer is and that's where we always like to start with our clients or on our own project. Whenever we're starting out, the first thing we do is we create a customer avatar and a dream 100 list. Now, we've given you a couple of resources to create a dream 100 list and a customer avatar. They're probably going to look a little bit different than this but the information's still the same.The dream 100 list is basically the top 100 businesses, companies, people, products, interests that align with your ideal customers. These are people you may want to partner with, these are people that may be your competition. Knowing who this dream 100, maybe dream 200, list is is going to help you in developing your ideal customer.

How To Know Your Customer
 Also, we like to create a customer avatar. Now, this resource is perfect for developing that customer avatar and going through and finding out, answering all the questions that you need to know when you're trying to figure out exactly who this person is so that you can create your campaigns and your ads and your target market. Whenever you're creating content and target it specifically to these people. What we use to create this dream 100 list and the customer avatar is we use what's called audience insights. It's in Facebook. You may know about it. If you don't have access to your ads manager directly from your homepage, you can just type in audience insights into this search bar and it'll pull up something that looks like this. It's an app. 

When you just click use now it'll send you right to the audience insights section. With audience insights, we can get so much information about who's on Facebook. We can use that to start developing the dream 100 and the customer avatar. A great place to start is if you have an audience of buyers, if you've put a pixel on your check out page and you know exactly who bought. You have an audience of people from Facebook that are in a custom audience already, or even if you don't have your Facebook marketing set up yet and you have an email list, these are great resources to start with. 

Custom Audience 
If you go to your ad manager, and you can find ad manager just the same way we found audience insights. You search it in a search bar, just type in ad manager. You can get a link that'll click you through it. It'll look something like this. Then, you want to go to your tools and you click on audience. You can create your audience. Go to custom audience and then customer list. What you can do is you can upload a file. You want to upload a CSV file of your emails and Facebook will search through and try to match up your email list with users on Facebook. If you have a big email list this will be tremendously beneficial. Especially an email list of people who either have opted in to get an offer of yours, and so you know what their interests are, or they're buyers and now you know that they're already buyers. 

You have a perfect list of people to start finding similar interest from. Once we've either decided we have an audience, we can select our audience here, or we can start from scratch. We can either choose a page that we're running or we can find an interest that we know are for sure our ideal customers who are extremely interested in us. We can put that interest in. 

For example, if we put in Carl's Jr., it'll pull up all of the data that Facebook has on the users who like Carl's Jr. Single and younger people. The other very interesting thing about insights is what we can find is the other pages that will lead to interests that these people have. When you type in Carl's Jr., you can see that these are all the categories. If you wanted to see other public figures, you could see all of these different categories of interest. If you like Carl's Jr., you also like these other things. The same thing with these page likes. You can go here and for a lot of interests it'll show the top 100 pages that these people also like. I like to sort by affinity. What that allows you to do is show as a percentage. This page only has 200,000 people on it, but 75,000 of the people who like this page also like Carl's Jr. It's almost 50% of these people. Basically what they're saying is, you're 10 times more likely to like Baskin-Robbins if you like Carl's Jr. and vice versa.

As you're going down the list, these top 10 are going to be extremely targeted. These people are 10 times more likely to like both Carl's Jr. and Baskin-Robbins than anybody else on Facebook. This is how we start to develop these 2 lists, this dream 100 and this customer avatar. I always like when I'm doing a customer avatar to give them a picture and give them a name. That way whenever we're creating an ad, we're starting a campaign, we're creating content, I can think in my head of what this person looked like, what their name is, I can describe them, and I can immediately bring myself to start trying to develop something that's going to grab this person's attention as well as speak directly to them. Then just kind of go down the list. This should kind of walk you through helping you develop this customer avatar. 

Do you have an email list? Do you have a fan page? That's a great way to start with your targeting on audience insights. You can put in an interest here or you can put in a page here that you might be running. Once you upload the email list, you select that audience here after you've named it or yeah, like the page. You can select the page that you're running right there. That's what these 2 questions are all about. I've helped you find audience insights, so watching this video hopefully you're able to find that. Back to the email list and the page connection. It's perfect. Then we start to develop these demographics. Where are they at, languages, demographics, gender, education level, occupation, activities, which device. 

As you're using audience insights, you can find all of these different things from this customer avatar. Now, we can see here that these people who like Carl's Jr., the younger crowd, a lot of them are only using mobile phones. Very few, almost none of them, are only using desktops. We can see how that's changed. A lot of them are on Androids. There's a lot of demographic information, a lot of information we can get to fully develop this customer avatar so we can get a better idea of what this person's all about, who this person is. 

The more we know, the more specific we're going to be able to be to do a better job at grasping their attention and speaking directly to them. You just go down one question at a time. Answer all these questions and use audience insights to help you find these things. For instance, what we can do is, okay, since we've selected Carl's Jr., we can go in here and say, "Okay, if you like Carl's Jr. Then you're also likely to like Baskin-Robbins at home." We can go in here. We can say, "Okay, now we're got a lot of information from the people who like Carl's Jr., the top 10 maybe." Now we can type in Baskin-Robbins and we can select Baskin-Robbins. We can get additional information from these people. 

You can see if you just go one interest at a time we can get tons of information. We can easily get to our dream 100, if not a dream 200, which would be even better. We can fully develop this customer avatar as well as creating additional customer avatars. Use these 2 tools, use dream 100, these resources. Dream 100 and customer avatar when you're creating anything as far as with your Facebook marketing, as far as ads, or content. As well as use this tool, audience insights. It will help you to develop exactly your dream 100 and your customer avatar. It's a tremendous tool. Fill us in on what you think about this video. Get involved in the group. Get this thing started. Let us know if you have any questions. We'll see you in the next video.
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